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24th Mar 2022

Fortnite’s ‘no-building’ to be made permanent after massive reaction from players

Danny Jones

Fortnite's no-building mode permanent


Fortnite‘s no-building mode looks set to be made a permanent fixture in the game following an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

Thanks to @TweaBR, a prominent leaker within the community, a bit of data mining and digging appeared to unearth proof that the exclusive format will be staying in the game after the initial period under a new option listed as ‘Solo – No Build Battle Royale’.

Another account appeared to highlight the other team-based version of the mode:

Given that building forts is a pretty integral part of the game – hence the name – it came as somewhat of a surprise that the new mode introduced earlier this month has received such a warm reception.

Well, for the most part.

Despite causing some backlash among fans, a portion of the playerbase thinks it’s the best thing to happen to the popular battle royale in ages.

Many have pointed out that while building is a huge part of the competitive edge that takes a lot of practice, the stripped-back approach to the game where the last player(s) standing win is likely to attract more casual players.

Esports star Ninja, who made his name playing the third-person arena shooter, put it in no uncertain terms:

Developers Epic Games surprised players with the overhaul when Chapter 3, Season 2 launched on March 20, with the game always looking to change and keep things fresh in line with its free-to-play games as a service format.

Nevertheless, having taken a slight dip in its popularity with the prominence of Call of Duty: Warzone and the like, it can’t be argued that Fortnite‘s no-building mode has ramped the game’s player number back up.

Epic are yet to confirm the plans themselves but by the looks of things, no-build mode is here to stay and play at your leisure.

Which version do you prefer?

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