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29th Oct 2023

Terrifier 3 release date confirmed as first poster reveals it will be a Christmas slasher

Callum Boyle


This will be the first time the film has been set outside of Halloween

The latest instalment in the Terrifier series is set to have a new-look about it as the first trailer posted for Terrifier was released.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Terrifier follows the story of Art the Clown, who gets up to his murderous antics.

In the previous two films, the slasher has committed his crimes on the night of Halloween but as seen in a leak from Bloody Disgusting, this story will take place around Christmas time.

The Terrifier 3 poster will be given out to those who attend the cinema for the re-release of Terrifier 2 on November 1 that will feature a two to three-minute sneak peek of the next movie.

On the poster is Art the Clown standing in front of a Christmas tree that uses intestines for garlands, wearing a sweater depicting Santa with his eyes gouged out.

Bloody Disgusting have since confirmed that the horror will be a festive thriller.

It’s not the first horror film to bet set during the festive period, including the likes of: Black Christmas, The Dorm That Dripped Blood, and Jack Frost.

Other films have gone one step further and even included traditional Xmas features such as Santa Claus as the killer themselves.

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