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02nd Mar 2019

Simon Pegg has gotten incredibly ripped for a new film role

Alan Loughnane

Shaun of the Dead? More like Shaun of the SHRED

Simon Pegg has undergone a dramatic physical transformation for his role in the upcoming movie, Inheritance.

The film explores what happens when the patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that could destroy their lives.

The independent film is being directed by British director Vaughn Stein with Pegg playing a character named Morgan in the film and will be starring alongside Lily Collins, Connie Nielson and Chace Crawford.

A photo of Pegg has circulated online recently which shows the dramatic transformation he made for the role.

The picture was shared by his London-based personal trainer, Nick Lower, on social media with the caption: ‘Simon Pegg 6 month body transformation for #InheritanceMovie. The brief for this role was lean, VERY lean. It required a specific body shape & look.’

Lower said Pegg’s transformation took six months and saw him drop from 78kg down to 69kg as well as 4% drop in body fat down to 8%.