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22nd Nov 2018

Back To The Future is the movie fans want to see a remake of the most

Wil Jones

It can only be a matter of time

Ok, going against the popular opinion here, but there is nothing inherently wrong with remakes. Several classic movies, like The Thing, Scarface and The Departed are remakes, and everyone loves those.

And even those remakes that are bad – which is a lot of them, we’ll admit – don’t actually hurt anyone (apart from maybe the studio that finances them). The original is still there, on Blu-ray or Netflix, available to enjoy.

Remember the Total Recall or Robocop remakes? No. Exactly. They were both pretty bad, but a few years removed, everyone has forgotten about them, and we still re-watch the originals.

A good remake can even allow filmmakers to interestingly reflect their currents times, through the prism of a familiar narrative or characters.

With this in mind, a poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter suggests that people really, really want a remake of Back To The Future.

71 percent of the 2,201 people asked said they’d watch a remake of the 1985 sci-fi comedy.

And yes, Back To The Future is great, and still totally holds up, and doesn’t need remaking. The script is one of the most perfectly plotted and paced in the history of Hollywood, and the performances by Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd are beyond iconic.

Still though, the basic concept is totally prime for a remake. A 2018 teenager gets zapped back to 1988, and has to make sure their parents get together in the past. There’s so much potential for comedy there, and if you cast it right, there’s no reason why it couldnt be a lot of fun.

Let’s face it, it is going to happen eventually. Hollywood’s loves of reboots isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Other movies people said they would like to see rebooted include Toy Story (69 percent), Indiana Jones (68 percent) and Jurassic Park (67 percent).