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31st Oct 2022

Fans start a GoFundMe to make Kanye West a billionaire again

Steve Hopkins

Ye claims he lost $2 billion in a single day last week

With reports over the weekend suggesting Kanye West could face a ‘financial crisis within months’ as doors keep closing on the Donda rapper in the wake of his anti-semitic remarks, one fan has come to his aid.

A GoFundMe page has been launched to make West, now known as just Ye, a billionaire again. After being dumped last week by Adidas, Forbes reported that Ye’s net work plummeted $1.5 billion, to $400 million. Ye later said he dropped $2 billion in a day. GAP, Apple Music, Balenciaga, and even Madam Tussauds, have left West.

Page Six reported Sunday, that Ye was in bad financial shape. It suggested that while he had a large stash of cash, Ye also has a lot of expenses. Quoting sources, it said the fashion mogul has five income streams, but four of them had either been completely shut down or badly compromised. While Ye could fall back on his roots – the music that made him – concert venues are closing their doors to him, and he’d need to find someone new to distribute any new material.

So, to the rescue came one ‘Ye fan’ but in the first five hours, only $5 has been donated to the fundraiser. Given the lack of information on the page – effort – put into it, it is safe to assume the appeal isn’t that serious. There’s also a bunch of other similar fundraisers for Ye going around. Another one – make me a billionaire instead of Kanye West – has raised $20.

This isn’t the first time fans have been asked to dig into their own pockets to help Ye.

But last time, they actually did. But the dad-of-four didn’t take it.

In 2016, over $50K was raised to help Ye, then Kanye, get out of debt. He’d lost stacks by trying to break into the fashion industry, the very industry he later conquered, before setting alight, along with his cultural standing.

Just weeks ago Ye’s unravelling began when he wore a White Lives Matter t-shirt to his Paris Fashion Week show.

Ye turned down the funds earlier raised, instead directing them toward a charitable organisation.

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