Fans recall Sean Lock's outrageous joke following his death 10 months ago

Fans recall Sean Lock's outrageous joke following his death

Sean Lock isn't the first to have cracked a joke about Rachel Riley but he might have been the best

Sean Lock's best bits are long and many; whether it's his stand-up or numerous funny moments on Cats Does Countdown, he proved that he was one of the best comedians in the UK.


Admittedly, most people these days are likely familiar with him from his 8 out of 10 Cats fame and while it's hard to pick his greatest gag of all time, some on social media have been recirculating this spit-take worthy candidate.

During a skit where co-presenter Rachel Riley donned a curious costume that she claimed was her "skiing stuff", the reaction she got was enough shocking enough to make the water come out of your nose whilst still be exactly the kind of joke you'd expect from Sean Lock. For all your prudes out there, it's a little naughty but as you can see, it's all in good fun.


Whilst this quick-witted albeit out of the blue outburst got the biggest laugh, the 2-minute monologue of sheer nonsense and absurdity about "Rea of the year" (yes, as in, Chris Rea) and describing his time clubbing animals as "like a trolley dash" is ten times funnier in my opinion.

It's how agonisingly long these untethered yet utterly nonchalant rants go on that have you keeling over; you only need to look at Claudia Winkleman gasping for breath and Lock himself starting to break to see how easy this kind of humour was for him.

You could literally sift through hundreds of hours of his clips from 8 out of 10 Cats alone and find another worthy contender for Sean Lock's best joke, so that's exactly what we're encouraging you to do — go watch them. It's a Wednesday night, what better way to spend it?

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