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17th Apr 2024

Netflix has just added a very stylish and tense thriller movie

Stephen Porzio

It comes from the creator of the hit drama series Euphoria.

Assassination Nation, the 2018 dark comedy thriller movie from writer-director Sam Levinson (Euphoria, The Idol, Malcolm and Marie), has just been added to Netflix.

It revolves around four teenage friends (Abra, Hari Nef, Odessa Young and Suki Waterhouse) whose American town of Salem devolves into chaos and violence after a computer hacker leaks the personal secrets of many of its residents.

Released to a positive reviews a year before Euphoria premiered, Assassination Nation sees Levinson applying his now trademark style and satirical edge to a twisted thriller, resulting in a fresh take on the genre.

And for fans of the Zendaya-led series, the film also features the hit drama’s cast members Colman Domingo, Lukas Gage, Maude Apatow – alongside Bella Thorne, Bill Skarsgård, Danny Ramirez, Joel McHale and Kelvin Harrison Jr.

You can read a sample of some positive reviews for Assassination Nation right here:

Bleeding Cool: “Assassination Nation takes the Salem witch trials to the modern age – but gives the ‘witches’ in question automatic weapons with which to fight back.”

The Guardian: “Assassination Nation has got a little of the teen satire of Heathers, and there’s a sense memory of 90s-00s suburban pictures such as Election, American Beauty and Ghost World.”

Mark Kermode: “Gleeful… I turned to myself and went ‘wow’.

Polygon: “Assassination Nation is a blistering yet effective exaggeration of our real-life dystopia.”

Sight & Sound: “It is a vibrant – and increasingly violent – coming-of-age story unfolding along the perilous fault lines of America’s culture wars, where, with borders closing, new lines must be drawn.”

Assassination Nation is streaming on Netflix right now in Ireland and the UK. It is also available to watch on Tubi in the States.

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