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13th Jun 2018

Eyal Booker used to be a swimwear model and this is what he looks like in Speedos

Fair play to the lad cos I'm not up for wearing these in the privacy of a changing room

Oli Dugmore

Fair play to the lad cos I’m not up for wearing these in the privacy of a changing room

Ah, Eyal Booker. Widely judged to be the least favoured of the islanders, after perhaps only Adam Collard. Two snakes in a pit, maybe they’ll spare the female members of the villa from their affections and just entwine themselves quietly in a corner. Like spider monkeys, or copulating snakes.

Unfortunately that looks unlikely. No shame, no horror. Because it gives us sufficient reason to gawp.

In this specific instance at a presumably just-past-pubescent Mr Booker in the most minute pieces of swimwear. Look upon him. Look upon him and feel inferior.

Now buy the products in the ad breaks to soothe your tenderised body image and sense of self-worth.

Yes, my sweet materialistic cherubs.

We of course know Mr Booker was a member of cheesy pop band EverYoung. Remember EverYoung? What do you mean, you don’t remember EverYoung!?! How could you forget their 2012 number 30 UK hit “You Got Me”!?!?

If that’s not jogging your memory, how about his appearance in the music video for Zara Larsson’s infectious 2015 tropical-tinged pop banger “Lush Life.”

No? Maybe Love Island is his biggest accomplishment yet. Is that damning? I’m not even sure at this point myself, so far am I through the ITV2 looking glass.