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10th Jun 2018

Love Island’s Eyal starred in a very popular music video two years ago

Wil Jones

Prepare to have this song stuck in your head all day again

With Love Island a week in, the potential breakout stars are starting to come to the fore. We’ve got our villain locked in with Adam The Snake, though we’ve still not got a people’s fave yet though.

Eyal, with his curly hair and ill-defined spirituality is starting to charm viewers, in his own naff-but-endearing way. Even though he lost a lot of fans when he picked Hayley in the recoupling instead of Kendall – meaning that the latter was sent home after Adam The Snake picked Rosie over her.

Like a lot of Love Island contestants, it’s not his first shot at fame. We’ve already pointed out his pretty cringe previous life as not-very-successful pop star, in the band EverYoung.

But it turns out he has actually had a much more accomplished brush with pop stardom, two years ago. And it is doing the rounds again now he’s own the show.

While working as a model, he appeared in the music video for Zara Larsson’s infectious 2015 tropical-tinged pop banger “Lush Life”.

Eyal plays Zara’s love interest in the video, exchanging a few sultry looks with the Swedish singer. It is kind of implied they’ve had a bit of an argument, but the video is more concerned with dance moves and summery hues than a coherent plot tbh.

There’s actually two different videos of the song, and it was the one for the US market that Eyal appeared in.

“Lush Life” was taken from Zara Larsson’s international debut album So Good. It got to number three in the UK charts. It was a top ten hit in over twenty countries, and hit number one in Larsson’s native Sweden, as well as Mexico and Poland. It has had over 500 million streams on Spotify, and in 2016, a remix featuring Tinie Tempah was released.