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06th Jun 2018

Love Island’s Eyal Booker was in cheesy pop band, and they are seriously cringe

There's a good chance they performed at your school in year 9

Wil Jones

Remember EverYoung? Everyone remembers EverYoung

Between his bouncy curled locks and his constant ramblings about spirituality, Eyal has already made his mark of this year’s Love Island. He’s just got that hate-able, gap-yah vibe, that must have made the producers explode with excitement when he walked into the audition room.

Anyway, it turns out he had previous life as a music superstar. Remember EverYoung? What do you mean, you don’t remember EverYoung!?! How could you forget their 2012 number 30 UK hit “You Got Me”!?!?

Ok, they are not quite Blazin’ Squad, we’ll give you that.

Bushey-born Eyal was part of the anodyne singing foursome formed of students from the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School (alumni includes Rita Ora, Amy Winehouse, and Matt Willis). Their other singles included “Icy Blue” and “Stuck In This Mess”, and they built a following by doing covers of more successful artists songs on YouTube.

Here they are in action:

They even had actual Hollywood actor Jeremy Irons in one of their videos:

They were one of those bands that used to do school tours and everything.