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28th Jun 2018

Once upon a time Eyal modelled a series of freshers hoodies

Good work if you can get it amirite

Oli Dugmore

Good work if you can get it amirite

Carry on my Eyal son, there’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more.

Yes, that’s right! Serpentine Eyal Booker, who looks like Ramsay Bolton, star of cheesy pop bands, Zara Larsson music videos and occasional Speedo model.

Well his latest modelling endeavours appear to have involved a series of Freshers’ 18 hoodies for Sheffield Hallam and Bangor unis. A zesty little number known only as a “JH006 Sports Polyester Hoodie.”

Hallam SU wrote on Facebook: “When Love Island’s Eyal said he was a model, this isn’t quite what we had in mind! But hey, who can blame him for wanting to be in a Team Hallam Hoodie.”

And some keeno also found this Bangor equivalent too.

After his dumping from the Love Island villa the sky is now the limit. Anyone got a Harvard jersey going spare?