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02nd Jul 2018

Everyone loved Dani Dyer’s comments about cheese toasties on Love Island

Wil Jones

It’s been a dramatic 24 hours on Love Island

Jack and Dani are total and unmitigated proof that love isn’t dead. Or at least might not be dead.

They’re essentially the only two people we like in the villa and they’re genuinely mad about each other, which hopefully means that Jack will definitely not dump Dani if someone else with brown hair walks in, as is the general way on Love Island.

But because the producers of the show are evil incarnate, they decided to separate Jack from Dani and make him live with his ex, Ellie.

Dani was previously unaware of this information until it was revealed to her during Sunday night’s show – when she was sent a video of Jack’s reaction to Ellie’s arrival.

It was a shocking cliffhanger to the episode, and even got complaints to Ofcom from viewers.

On Monday night, however, we got to see Dani’s reaction in full. And just when the nation thought they couldn’t love Dani any more, she came out with this golden line:

“I’m scared he’ll find a girl with a nice bum and boobs mad doesn’t eat cheese toasties every night”

And literally everyone loved it.

Moment of the series, right there.