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02nd Jul 2018

Love Island viewers make official complaints about last night’s show

People are calling it emotional abuse

Jade Hayden

They’re furious with the show’s producers

Jack and Dani are total and unmitigated proof that love isn’t dead. Or at least might not be dead.

They’re essentially the only two people we like in the villa and they’re genuinely mad about each other, which hopefully means that Jack will definitely not dump Dani if someone else with brown hair walks in, as is the general way on Love Island.

Snakes, the lot of them.

Still though, just because Jack and Dani are happy doesn’t mean that Love Island producers are going to let them be happy.

That would be too easy. That would be an unrealistic representation of a real relationship, right?

So in order to shake things up a bit and ruin some lives, they’ve decided to separate Jack from Dani and make him live with his ex, Ellie.

Of course they have.

Dani was previously unaware of this information until it was revealed to her during last night’s show. But instead of just getting a bit angry and marginally worried by this info, Dani was absolutely devastated.

The scene was genuinely hard to watch and also a bit unnecessary considering Jack is literally doing everything in his power to stay away from Ellie.

The man has been nothing but obsessed with her since day one and yet producers still took it upon themselves to send Dani a video of Jack seeing Ellie without any context of what happened later.

Viewers weren’t at all happy with what went down – namely because Dani was upset but also because the whole ploy was just a bit manipulative really.

Many of them took to Twitter last night to say that they had made official complaints to the UK’s broadcasting regulator, Ofcom.