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02nd May 2019

Emilia Clarke says ‘episode 5 is bigger’ than Battle of Winterfell

Paul Moore

game of thrones

“Four, five, and six. They’re all insane”

If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, you know what’s coming.

With Game of Thrones now entering its endgame, the focus appears to have switched to the war for the Iron Throne as the threat of the White Walkers seems to have been dealt with.

Again, we’ve no idea what the final three episodes have in store but now that the countdown is on, the focus for the next episode is firmly on King’s Landing and Cersei is definitely a marked woman.

After reneging on her promise to help Jon and Daenerys in their fight against the dead, the Queen has further enraged her rivals, but after suffering so many losses at the Battle of Winterfell, can Jon and Dany mount a reasonable fight?

Well, the director of Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards, The Winds of Winter, and The Long Night – Miguel Sapochnik – is the man responsible for the fifth episode of Season 8 and during a recent chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Emilia Clarke said that the fifth episode is “mental” and that “episode five is bigger” than what came before it.

“Four, five, and six. They’re all insane,” said the the Mother of Dragons and she also advised people to find the biggest TV possible to watch it. Well, at least one thing is for sure. There’s only one Khaleesi.

However, by the end of Season 8, which Queen will be left standing?

Whatever happens, we now know that the fifth episode is set to be a humdinger.