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30th Apr 2019

Trailer for the next Game of Thrones episode gives interesting clues about The Last War

Paul Moore

game of thrones

The Last War is coming

With one blow, Game of Thrones has completely changed the complexion of what’s to come in the final three episodes.

As always, spoilers are coming.

Ok, we’ve already had a deep dive on the Battle of Winterfell but now that the threat of the Night King is gone (we think), it’s time to turn our attention to the Iron Throne.

To begin with, there’s a very strong Return of the King vibe to the latest trailer final moments. In Peter Jackson’s film, after the evil was vanquished at the Battle of Helms Deep and Pelennor Fields, the attention turned towards the final showdown in Mordor.

Well, the Night King may have been defeated but Cersei still stands. As Dany said, the Final War is about to begin.

Here’s the trailer along with a deep dive on some of the main moments.

The Golden Company

Cersei overlooks her new army that could tip the scales in her favour.

After the Jon-Dany alliance suffered so much death during the Battle of Winterfell, can they go again on another military campaign?

The Last War

Rebuilding Winterfell

After the devastation of the battle, it appears that the first steps towards rebuilding the home of House Stark has begun.

The Last War

Arya and Gendry

After Arya lost her virginity to Gendry, it appears that the houses of Baratheon and Stark will be getting even closer.

Here they are kissing and here’s Gendry in the background as the Stark sister gaze over their home.

The Last War

The Last War

Dany in the North

After flirting very dangerously with ‘Mad Queen’ territory in the second episode, it appears that a line from Ser Davos in the opening episode is starting to pay dividends.

“The Northmen are loyal to Jon Snow, not to her. They don’t know her. The Free Folk don’t know her. I’ve been up here a while, and I’m telling you, they’re stubborn as goats. You want their loyalty, you have to earn it,” he said.

Well, after victory at the Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys is enjoying a drink with her Northern allies.

Will the Northern houses stay loyal to her? Will Jon Snow tell them about his true lineage? If so, what will the Northern lords think?

The Last War The Last War

Ghost lives!

Behind Dany and to the left of Varys.

What a good boy!

Also, it appears that the Night’s Watch tradition of burning the bodies has continued.

And now their watch has ended.

The Last War

The Iron Fleet:  Part Two

As you can see by the Targaryen sigil on the ships, Yara Greyjoy will be called upon to aid Dany’s campaign.

However, we don’t think she’s going to be outwitted again at sea because the presence of Rhaegal is a pretty effective deterrent to any attack.

Where could they be headed though?

The Last War

The Last War

A Royal Wedding?

Euron Greyjoy isn’t the type of person that bends the knee willingly, after all, he is the most arrogant man in Westeros.

We also don’t think he’s the overly romantic type, unless he can get something in return.


The Last War

The Last War begins…

There’s a strong sense of the troops leaving Winterfell as the trailer ends. Are they headed for King’s Landing?

Whatever happens, Sansa seems like she knows that there’s still some final twists in the game of thrones. Her relationship with Daenerys has been spiky, especially when it comes to the post-war future of The North.

With regards to Cersei, Dany says “we will rip her out, root and stem”.

Is the Mother of Dragons prepared to unleash Drogon and Rhaegal on King’s Landing (we have seen the throne room destroyed in various visions), or will Jon and Tyrion find another way?

In previous episodes, Dany’s instincts to rain fire upon King’s Landing has been checked by Tyrion.

After Cersei betrayed her promise, we think the Mother of Dragons might give into her natural instinct.

Another thing that needs to be considered, now that Daenerys knows that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, will she begin to act in her own self-interest?

We shall see.

The Last War The Last War

The Last War