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14th Nov 2022

Edwina Currie wants ‘obnoxious’ Boy George to do more Bushtucker trials

Charlie Herbert

Edwina Currie labels Boy George obnoxious

‘If we go on having Matt Hancock doing it, the audience will drop off’

Edwina Currie has labelled Boy George a “pretty obnoxious person” as she voiced her desire for him to be thrown into some more Bushtucker trials.

Boy George is taking part in this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! but it doesn’t sound like he’s endeared himself to Edwina.

The former Tory MP took part in the show in 2014, when she was in the jungle with the likes of Melanie Sykes and Jake Quickenden.

It sounds like she’s still an avid viewer of the show, and is just as opinionated about this year’s series as she is most things in life.

The 76-year-old is clearly no fan of the ‘Karma Chameleon’ singer and would love to see him voted in to some more Bushtucker trials.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV morning show, Edwina said: “I’d love to see Boy George, who last week is actually a pretty obnoxious person at the moment. I’d like to see him doing some of the trials. More of them.”

So far, Matt Hancock has understandably taken the brunt of the trial action, but Boy George has still done more than most, and recently took part in the first eating trial of the series alongside the former health secretary.

Edwina reckons that it could start to get a bit boring and tedious though if her fellow Tory continued to do every trial.

She explained: “It seems to me that if we go on having Matt Hancock doing it, the audience will drop off and that’s not a good thing for the show.”

She may be disappointed then, because the British public are showing no sign of giving Hancock a break any time soon.

So far he has been voted to do every single Bushtucker trial since entering the jungle, with fans looking forward to seeing him take part in yet another trial this evening.

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