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11th Aug 2023

Dustin Hoffman ‘makes woman’s life’ after she tells him Hook is favourite movie

Charlie Herbert

Dustin Hoffman 'makes woman's life' after she tells him Hook is favourite movie

‘You’ve made my life’

Dustin Hoffman reverted to one of his old characters after a reporter told him Hook was her favourite film.

The veteran actor starred as the iconic Captain Hook in the classic 1991 kids’ film, which also featured Robin Williams as Peter Pan and Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell.

Back in 2017, Hoffman was at the premiere in London for the film The Meyerowitz Stories, a Netflix comedy-drama about dysfunctional siblings.

On the red carpet, he was approached by a reporter who told him: “So last time I saw you, I told you Hook was my favourite film, and it still is so congratulations on that…”

Hoffman seemed surprised that the woman was old enough to remember the 1991 film, but decided to deliver one of Hook’s most memorable lines, telling the reporter: “I hate, I hate, I hate Peter Pan,” before breaking into a smile and walking away.

The reporter then says: “You’ve made my life thank you so much.”

Viewers loved the clip, and many shared their love for Hoffman in comments under the video.

One person wrote: “Hoffman as Hook should be more iconic. Truly a one of a kind performance.”

Another said: “Absolute legend!!! Can’t believe after all these years and he could still pull off Hook! Flashbacks from my childhood watching that film!”

A third commented: “Dustin is surprised when she says Hook is her favourite. For 90s kids (born in the 80s), Hook is an absolute triumph.”

Someone else penned: “After over 30 years, he just pulls it out of his sleeve as it were yesterday. It’s people like him that make me feel lucky to spend their youth in the 80s and 90s.”

Many others shared their love for Hook as a film, despite it receiving largely negative reviews from critics on its release.

One fan commented: “Born in the very late 80s. The critics aren’t watching Hook from a child’s perspective. It was an incredible and magical movie to watch as a kid.”

Another echoed this, writing: “Such an underappreciated performance. When you watch it back even years later as an adult. You don’t see an actor you only see Hook.”

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