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04th May 2022

Daniel Radcliffe’s muscular transformation for ‘Weird Al’ biopic leaves fans divided

Kieran Galpin


The boy who lived, come to get shredded

Daniel Radcliffe has single-handedly divided the internet after the trailer for Eric Appel’s ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic biopic dropped earlier this week.

Entitled Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, the biopic will star Radcliffe, 32, as the parody musician alongside Evan Rachel Wood, 34, playing Madonna. The first trailer dropped on May 3, courtesy of ‘Weird Al’ himself and has since racked up over 500k views.

Fans have been discussing the trailer online and the biggest takeaway is seemingly Radcliffe’s impressive physique. The brief, one-minute clip features a lot of the Harry Potter frontman, who is shirtless for the majority of the trailer, leaving fans both thirsty and confused.

“Weird Al: You guys remember how I was absolutely shredded back in the day?” wrote one Twitter user. “Producers: Sure.”

Another wrote: “This is the only think that can help my brain. Ripped dan Radcliffe weird Al, give it to me I deserve it.”

Another user pointed out that the actor’s muscles could be for another upcoming movie.

“There’s no reason for Daniel Radcliffe to be this ripped for the Weird Al biopic, so I must assume he’s been cast as Wolverine for the MCU,” they wrote, alluding to the rumours of Radcliffe playing the clawed mutant hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However that isn’t to say Radcliffe’s body was the only focus of the trailer, as other fans highlighted his unique role choices since departing the Harry Potter franchise.

One person wrote: “After Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe could’ve [done] anything in film. So far he’s chosen to be a talking corpse in one movie and Weird Al in another. Smart guy.”

Another said: “Harry Potter playing Weird Al. Why not. A couple of gummies and I’m sure I’ll love it.”

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story will premiere on the Roku channel this autumn.

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