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15th Apr 2024

Dakota Fanning says Tom Cruise has given her a birthday present every year since War of the Worlds

Nina McLaughlin

“Tom sends me a birthday gift every year, and has since that birthday.”

Dakota Fanning has revealed that Tom Cruise has sent her a birthday present every year since she starred alongside him in War of the Worlds.

The now 30-year-old actress was 11 years old when she starred in Steven Spielberg’s 2005 adaptation of the sci-fi thriller novel.

During a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed that it was during her time filming for this that she was given her first ever mobile phone.

Her Ripley co-star Andrew Scott was challenged with guessing who gifted her the Motorola Razr, and he immediately guessed right: “Okay, well it’s going to be some Hollywood icon … Tom Cruise.”

“Oh, my God, I was so excited,” she recalled, via The Hollywood Reporter. However, she admitted that she “didn’t have anybody to call or text at that time.”

“You know, I was 11,” she continued. “But I loved having it. I loved it. I felt so cool.”

However, that’s not the only gift Fanning has received from Cruise.

“Tom sends me a birthday gift every year, and has since that birthday,” she said, confirming that she had received a gift for her 30th birthday earlier this month.

“So thoughtful. Really, really nice. He’s never given me anything,” Scott joked in response.

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