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02nd Apr 2018

Corrie fans think they’ve found proof that Phelan is still alive

Just when you thought it was over


The death of Coronation Street uber-bastard, Pat Phelan, has been a long time coming.

Having bumped off a number of his fellow characters, the latest serial killer to walk the cobbles finally appeared to meet his end during last week – plunging to his death off the side of a harbour after a bust-up with his Mrs, Eileen. (Oh, and don’t come at us with any of that ‘spoilers’ shit now, you’ve had long enough over the Easter weekend to catch up.)

The thing is, it’s taken so long for Phelan to be killed off, plenty of the show’s viewers are having trouble believing he actually has popped his clogs.

Its timing sparked a bizarre Jesusy-type Easter Sunday resurrection theory over the weekend. This, somewhat disappointingly, doesn’t appear to have been the case – though this hasn’t put an end to Corrie fans’ speculation that Phelan might somehow have cheated his watery death…

Having watched the first of Monday night’s double-header, viewers were adamant Phelan was still alive (if not entirely well) with his body yet to have been recovered from the sea.

Just when you thought it was over, eh?