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31st Mar 2018

Corrie fans worried this isn’t the end of Phelan for a pretty hilarious reason

We hadn't thought of this one...

Jade Hayden

Christ will come again.

On Friday night, Pat Phelan plunged to his watery death.

Much akin to the manner in which the iconic Richard Hillman met his maker (Corrie really do love a good drowning, don’t they?), the soap’s latest and intensely drawn-out serial killer fell into some water last night.

Finally, the moment that fans had been waiting for actually happened – Eileen got pissed off with her husband’s questionable, murder-based antics, and threw the lad off the top of a lighthouse.

Phelan plunged into the icy depths below and Eileen left the scene just as she had entered it: confused, not really sure what was happening, and absolutely freezing.

We know, dramatic.

Still though, viewers are pretty worried that this isn’t the end of Phelan.

After all, they’d been teased with the guy’s demise for about five months, you can’t blame them for being wary.

The reason they’re worried though is a fairly hilarious one that we can’t help laugh at while also remaining anxious ourselves that they’re totally onto something.

This is why.

Phelan ‘died’ last night on Good Friday, thus kicking off the weekend we all know and recognise so well as Easter.

And as we all know (or don’t, who cares), Jesus Christ was crucified on this day… Or in this case, pushed off a lighthouse into some water and probably drowned, maybe.

So technically, if Corrie really are going for some weird resurrection theme where Phelan really isn’t dead and comes back again, this would be the perfect time for them to do it.

By that logic then, Phelan’ll be back to torment Eileen and the rest of the lads by Sunday at the earliest.

Whether he’ll arrive and tell everyone they must spread the good news of salvation we don’t know just yet.

Our guess is probably not.