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19th Apr 2022

Britain’s Got Talent viewers spot bizarre David Walliams editing error

Danny Jones

BGT David Walliams editing error

In case you didn’t already know, TV is a lie

An eagle-eyed viewer on TikTok has spotted a bizarre David Walliams editing error during a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent. Turns out, there are two of them.

Crediting a similar channel called @thecavearcade_ttv, TikTok user @somersetcolin plays back a short 10-second clip showing Walliams getting up on stage to dance with a BGT contestant.

However, when you looked at the footage again whilst slowed down and zoomed in, it appears as though the judge is both on stage and still sitting in his seat.

@somersetcolin Thanks to @thecavearcade_ttv ♬ original sound – SomersetColin

Now, we’ve all seen a fair few continuity errors in our time (we’re looking at you, Game of Thrones coffee cup) but, we must admit, this is a bit of a strange one.

In fact, Colin wasn’t the only person who spotted the slip-up. In fact, loads of people did:

To be honest, he’d probably steal the whole show with that kind of talent.

However, before you start jumping to doppelganger-related conclusions and conspiracy theories, the most reasonable explanation for this error is that a stand-in was brought on to the panel to fill Walliams’ seat during the segment.

While we don’t proclaim to know the exact reason why – though we can presume it wasn’t just to keep his seat warm – we imagine this was done to try and maintain a consistent wide shot of the four judges on the B-roll should they need it when editing the episode.

Editing in movies and television is complicated and while BGT is marketed as somewhat of a reality show, we all know that the term ‘reality’ is often very carefully constructed.

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