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16th Apr 2022

Ian Hislop says ‘entire Tory party’ should resign for supporting Boris Johnson

Kieran Galpin

Ian Hislop

Grab your popcorn

Ian Hislop has been praised after demanding the “entire Tory party” resign for defending Boris Johnson and the partygate scandal.

After the PM, his wife Carrie Johnson and Rishi Sunak were fined for breaking lockdown regulations last year, Ian Hislop has offered his take.

Appearing on Have I Got News For You on Friday, April 15; the 61-year-old journalist pointed out that the public had previously been told to wait for Sue Gray’s elusive report.

“He thinks everyone has forgotten about it and that they don’t care anymore,” Hislop told viewers. “Maybe by the time we go out, the party will have come to its senses and he will have resigned.”

He continued: “We’ve got another six parties to go. All the attention’s on this one and everyone’s going, ‘Oh god, woke BBC lefties, can’t you get over it?

“And I’m thinking, ‘Yeah woke BBC lefty Lord Wolfson, the Tory justice minister who’s just resigned. I mean, there’s a snowflake. Tory QC, member of the House of Lords, pathetic.’”

Wolfson resigned from his petition for the “repeated rule-breaking and breaches of the criminal law” in Downing Street, adding that it should not be allowed to be treated with “constitutional impunity.”

Questioning the Prime Minister, the Private Eye editor continued: “He’s resigned. Why hasn’t Boris? Why hasn’t Rishi? Why hasn’t Carrie? Are you allowed to resign as his wife?

“And why hasn’t the entire Tory party resigned, all of them? They supported him, why don’t they leave now? They’re the party of law and order.”

This comes days after Beauty and the Beast star Dan Stevens, 39, took a sly jab at the PM. Talking about his new drama series Gaslit, also starring Julia Roberts, the actor would soon go viral for his comments.

“Well, what you’ve got is a criminal for a leader who is wrapped in a messy war, embroiled in a stupid scandal and surrounded by ambitious idiots and really should resign,” he said.

He then paused for a second, before adding: “I’m sorry, that’s the intro to Boris Johnson.”

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