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17th Apr 2024

Bluey praised after introducing the show’s first same-sex couple

Nina McLaughlin

A new episode of Bluey has made history

Children’s show Bluey has introduced its first ever same-sex couple in one of its latest episodes, and it has been praised for the move.

The beloved Australian kids’ show has been on air since 2021, but has faced criticism in recent years for its lack of diversity.

In its latest episode, though, the show made big waves – they appear to have introduced their first ever same-sex couple.

In a special extended episode titled ‘The Sign’, viewers were left in tears as the show showed its titular character moving house.

However, TikToker Margie, who has an account dedicated to Bluey content, spotted something special in the new episode.

“Pretzel is talking about his guinea pig running away, he says my mums. He has two mums and that’s the first gay or lesbian or LGBTQ+ couple confirmed in the show,” she told her followers.

“I love it! I think it was a nice and organic way to do it. It is a really subtle [moment], that a lot of people will miss.

“It was a natural way to be like some people have two mums and that’s just part of real life.”

The show has followed in the footsteps of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, who have both introduced LGBTQ+ characters in the past.

@aussiegirlmargie Bluey The Sign confirmed first LGBTQ+ couple in the show 🏳️‍🌈 #bluey #blueytok #disney #disneytok #momsoftiktok #momlife #lgbtcouples #lgbtq #lesbiancouple #parenthood #parentsbelike ♬ original sound – Aussie Girl Margie

Viewers have responded to Bluey’s inclusive move online.

“GAY DOGS IN BLUEY!!! IM SO GLAD FOR THIS. As a person who lived with his mom and her gf at one point in time, I think this is great,” one person wrote.

A second penned: “THIS IS SO F**KING AWESOME.”


Bluey’s ‘The Sign’ is available to stream on Disney+ now.

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