'Big Sam' Allardyce in talks to star on Strictly Come Dancing 2 years ago

'Big Sam' Allardyce in talks to star on Strictly Come Dancing

The most ambitious crossover event since, well, ever

Football manager Sam Allardyce, AKA 'Big Sam', AKA 'Thunder Feet', is reportedly in talks to appear on the next season of BBC show Strictly Come Dancing.


The out of work coach has been spending his recent time out of management appearing on television and radio shows talking about Brexit and how foreign managers have ruined the Premier League, and it seems he has got bored of it.

Now it seems that Allardyce - who has already shown his ability to dance in a video that has been doing the rounds on Twitter for years - wants to try his hand on the BBC's flagship show.

"He met TV executives this week in a hotel bar," a Daily Mail source reportedly said, presumably over a pint of wine.

"They assured him that the show's edited so that no one comes across as a terrible dancer, mentioning Katie Piper as someone who was not 'a natural' but who got the public behind her.

"They were talking to him about the Christmas special but emphasised that they want him on a whole series, rather than just a one-off."

How Big Samuel will fair on the show remains to be seen, but if nothing else it will be fun to hearĀ his rant about how foreigners have ruined ballroom dancing when he gets voted off early.