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26th Apr 2019

Here’s how to trigger a secret Avengers Easter egg by searching ‘Thanos’


You may or not be aware of the latest Avengers film. No? Not heard anything?

Well, in any case, Avengers: Endgame has gone down a bit of a storm since it’s midnight release on Thursday.

As a result, everyone’s favourite go-to engine – unless you’re one of those weird middle-aged men that uses Bing or Yahoo or Ask Jeeves for some strange, strange reason – have included a pretty cool Easter egg when you search for the movie’s central villain Thanos.

Type it in and you’re greeted with the following:

All you need to do to trigger the animation is click on the infinity gauntlet on the right (for non-MCU nerds, it’s the gold hand on the right. The one that looks like a washing up glove covered in rhinestones).

It will click, sparkle a bit, and then unleash all of Thanos’ destructive power on the search engine – including vaporising half of the results.

Don’t worry though, they’re not gone for good – click on the infinity gauntlet one last time to restore the entire page. Voilà. It’s fun being a god, isn’t it? Can kinda see why he was into it.