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06th Jul 2021

Robert Downey Jr unfollows Marvel co-stars on Instagram

Danny Jones

Robert Downey Jr unfollows Marvel cast on Instagram

It’s like Civil War all over again, only more teen drama

Who pissed in Robert Downey Jr‘s chips and what the hell is going on? Iron Man himself has apparently unfollowed several Marvel cast members on Instagram and we don’t know why. We can only hope it’s some kind of Marvel PR stunt or some kind of ‘blip’, a la Infinity War, and we’re gonna fast forward five years and everything’s back to the way it was.

Social media has, unsurprisingly, lost their shit, with fans all over the world responding to his tweets and asking him to explain what has happened and why. We’d say another stiff with Cap but he and Chris Evans have both left the MCU – and no, we’re not apologising for that spoiler, you’ve had long enough.

We’re all feeling a little Peter Parker on Titan right now, don’t worry.

Us neither, Dan.

This particular individual – who describes himself as the “CEO of Missing Tony Stark” in his bio – like many others, seemed to go full-on stream of consciousness over the whole thing.



Breathe, dude, breathe.

Now, in case you need a little lifeline to keep you calm, this social media severing only took place on Instagram as far as we know – he still follows the likes of Evans, Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth etc. on Twitter. Chances are, there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this.

Perhaps it’s a super meta, abstract, fourth-wall-breaking step in the Russo Brothers‘ next phase in the Marvel universe. Or maybe the 56-year-old ex-leader of the Avengers is just taking a step back from the whole social media thing. All we know is you lot need to calm down.