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25th Mar 2020

This is how to survive living in total isolation

Wayne Farry

“We’re not even on the map”

Many of us are living in isolation right now, for the first time, and not out of choice. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the danger it poses to society, the British government’s ordered lockdown means that many of us are consigned to our homes – only permitted to leave to buy essentials like food and medicine, and once a day to exercise.

For many people, whether they are currently working from home, off work, or laid off, this will have been a culture shock of sorts. We take for granted the ability to pop out to the shops whenever we want, to wander streets and parks aimlessly on a lazy day, or to head to the pub or a restaurant to meet friends and family.

But this time will pass, and so we must come to terms with our isolation where possible – and attempt to deal with this period in the healthiest way possible.

Will Dean is no stranger to isolation. The British author lives in the middle of a Swedish wood with his wife and child, and has done for close to a decade. We spoke to him about his initial struggles with the (extremely) quiet life, how he grew to love solitude, and how others can best cope when confined to their homes for an extended period of time.