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06th Apr 2020

Professional chef on how to make quality food in quarantine


You’ve probably got more in your cupboard than you think

Being at home for prolonged periods of time, it can be tempting to fall into the habit of taking the easy route with food. Frozen food, instant meals, these can seem like the easier option when compared to making a dish from scratch, but in truth cooking something delicious yourself is not the mammoth task you may believe.

Take a dish like French onion soup, for example. If you’ve tasted it before you’re probably aware of how delicious it is and may be daunted by the prospect of making it yourself. But as our friend, chef Robin Gill shows, really all it takes is a bit of time, attention, some simple ingredients and an absolute tonne of onions.

So if you’ve got a big bag of onions lying around your kitchen, or are wondering what to get in the shop for dinner this evening, consider making this classic French dish. It’s easier than you think.