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26th Mar 2020

Footballers in self-isolation: Andros Townsend

Wayne Farry

Can a footballer work from home?

With all non-essential workers in the United Kingdom urged to work from home, and with major sporting events such as Premier League games postponed for the foreseeable future, professional footballers are currently experiencing the unexpected situation of working from home.

Footballers live a famously regimented life, for the most part. They get up, go to training, eat well, sleep well, and play once or twice a week. Their routine is such because it prepares them best for the rigours of the match day and because, quite simply, discipline breeds good footballers.

With the Premier League postponed at the very least until late April, we spoke to Crystal Palace star Andros Townsend about readjusting to life without a football match each week, what it’s like to train from home, and the benefits of getting to spend much more time than usual with his children.