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24th May 2020

Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson are laughing at you


dominic cummings

How much have you missed during lockdown?

We’ve all been forced to sacrifice plenty during lockdown. Family gatherings, birthday parties, pints with friends, weddings, holidays, funerals, the final moments of loved ones – as a nation we have missed these for the good of us all.

National movements such as the lockdown are only successful when everyone is in it together. The actions of one mean nothing, but as a collective we can work together to suppress coronavirus.

But that collective, that social contract, is only valid when those in power show the same level of sacrifice as those that they preside over. In a relatively normal time, we might be able to expect this most basic of premises, but this is Boris’ Britain, and the only thing those in power deride more than the public is the idea that they may be prevented from doing what they want.

When Boris’ senior advisor Dominic Cummings traveled to Durham with his son and wife, his excuse was that he required childcare from his parents.

When he traveled a second time, he had no excuse.

Every time you think of all you’ve missed during this worrying time, remember that those in power were doing what they wanted and laughing at you all the way.