COMMENT: Backbenchers attacking May with murderous metaphors are beyond vile 3 years ago

COMMENT: Backbenchers attacking May with murderous metaphors are beyond vile


What is it about the Houses of Parliament that attracts so many horrible dickheads? Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of decent, hard-working public servants in there, but there's also a critical mass of obnoxious twats too.


Whether it's jeering like pissed-up tosspots during PMQs, or promulgating impossible lies they refuse to take ownership of re Brexit, we really are cursed with an inordinate number of privileged pricks pretending to represent us.

And privileged is the word. So insulated are they from their words and actions that they think nowt of spewing out the most horrendous bile and voting for the most life-destroying policies, simply because it won't affect their cushy lives.

They also love to play the big 'I am' when it comes to foreign policy, whilst going into full jingoistic wanker mode in regards to the EU. And of course they throw around war analogies like it's confetti, the pathetic nanny-reared fucks.

This week they were at it again, slagging off Theresa May in the most shamefully abhorrent terms possible as faceless rent-a-quotes to the right-wing press. Their vile language is as incendiary as their anonymity is cowardly.

"The moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted. She'll be dead soon," said one shitbag. "Assassination is in the air," added a fellow cunt. Another advised May to "bring her own noose".

Hahaha. Fucking hilarious, you chickenshit bastards. Let's all use violent metaphors to oust the PM like the big hard men we are. And it's definitely men, as if there was any fucking doubt. We can all make a decent guess at exactly who.


These cowardly backbench fucks are no different from the types of faceless twats who attack women on the internet with the most sickening slurs possible, hungry to hurt and brazen behind their incognito avatars. In fact they're worse.

These are their colleagues. This is their boss. Disagree with her all you want - most of the population do - and waste no time in questioning her ability to lead the country through a constitutional crisis. But murderous metaphors? Fuck off.

It's become almost trite to say it, but it is as if Jo Cox's murder never happened. As if a mother of two wasn't shot and stabbed multiple times in broad daylight whilst doing her job, by a man who was heavily influenced by violent rhetoric.

And then there's a failed murder plot against Rosie Cooper MP. And Diane Abbott MP receiving constant racist and sexist abuse. And Jess Phillips MP being the victim of rape threats. And Gina Miller being told acid will be thrown in her face.

But fuck all that, eh? You carry on, you misogynistic twats, without a care or consideration in the world about how your throwaway threats could endanger your colleagues, and create an atmosphere that allows for the most heinous crimes.


'Trolls' isn't the word. Cowards is.