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26th Jun 2018

Maradona’s eccentric reaction to Messi’s goal got people talking

Wayne Farry

Oh Diego, never ever change

Diego Maradona is a man of eccentricities. Every day presents a different side of the man, each of which tends to be unusual, exciting, bombastic and hilarious.

Such is his bombastic nature that every time something happens in an Argentina game, or every time something doesn’t happen in an Argentina game, the camera pans to the great man to see what he is up to.

During Argentina’s World Cup match against Nigeria on Tuesday, the camera did exactly that, mere seconds after Lionel Messi opened the scoring with a stunning effort.

Messi received the ball from long down the field and, with consummate ease, took a touch on his knee and rifled the ball into the net.

Cue Diego, who was standing in the crowd celebrating in a manner which can best be described as “utterly and entirely possessed”.

Maradona, as can be seen above, crosses his hands over his chest, looks up to the Lord above and speaks some words to the bid dawg upstairs.

All throughout he maintains a steadfast stare and appears to reverberate with pure, unadulterated joy, as well as a touch of anger perhaps.

If nothing else, he has shown us that we all need to work harder at our goal celebrations. Each of us.