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21st Jun 2018

Iran player unveils the greatest throw-in in World Cup history against Spain

This is easily the most expressive throw-in the World Cup has ever seen

Wayne Farry

You don’t achieve anything without trying

This is clearly a belief held by Iran defender Milad Mohammadi who gave us one of the great World Cup moments against Spain on Wednesday night.

Mohammadi, who plays for Russian top flight side Akhmat Grozny, may not be a household name yet, but those watching his spectacular throw-in against the Spaniards will remember who he is forever.

The throw-in in question took place in the latter stages of his country’s game, as they trailed 1-0 to Fernando Hierro’s side.

Rather than be sensible and launch in a regular throw-in like most people would, Mohammadi instead decided to take a moment for himself, kiss the ball, point to the sky, do a cartwheel and then…. realise that he had messed up the entire thing and resort to just taking a throw-in like a normal footballer.

While Mohammadi’s attempt was unsuccessful, it is worth serious kudos for even considering attempting such a thing during a crucial World Cup game when your country has a serious chance of scoring.

History however suggests that, if done right, that technique of throwing the ball can sometimes be sensational and well, can sometimes be absolutely ridiculous.