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24th Jun 2018

England fan travels all the way to Russia before realising he left his ticket at home

He believes that he left the ticket in a drawer at home

Wayne Farry

This is every fan’s worst nightmare

We all imagine it. You’re looking forward to a massive event. You’ve bought your ticket and are waiting excitedly. Then, the time comes and you travel to the airport, arrive and make your merry way to the event in question.

You arrive at the entrance, check your pockets for the ticket and – no, surely not – it’s not there. You’ve left your tickets at home.

While this is generally a bad dream for most people, it has unfortunately happened to one England fan, who travelled 2,000 kilometres to Russia before realising that he had left his ticket at home.

The unlucky supporter was Douglas Moreton from Bristol, whose story was brought to light by ITV producer Dan Howells, and later reported by Gloucestershire Live.

The two met and Moreton revealed that he believes he left the ticket in a drawer at home before travelling out to watch England face Panama in Volgograd, Russia.

Howells put out an appeal to find a ticket for Moreton ahead of the game, asking supporters who have a spare if they could help out.

Amazingly, the appeal actually worked, with Howells successfully tracking down a ticket for him. However, at the time of writing, Moreton’s whereabouts in Russia remained unknown.

Let’s just hope Moreton got the ticket and enjoyed the game.