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28th Nov 2016

This best-selling author was once homeless and has explained how easily it can happen

He has taken to Twitter to explain how easily it happens

Cassie Delaney

“I left school at sixteen with a head full of rocks, a general dislike towards anyone telling me what to do and a belief none of it mattered: because one day I would write the greatest book in the world,” writes Craig Stone.

Stone, like most writers, dreamed of writing the next great anthology. And Stone, like most writers, was pretty poor as he waited to do that.

He found himself working in a normal job, in a normal flat until one day his rent increased. Unable to secure the monthly payments, Stone became homeless and lived in a park with a notepad and pen.

There he finally wrote what he believed to be the greatest book in the world.

Stone has taken to Twitter to explain how easily his homelessness occurred.

“That book is now my first book published called The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness,” says Stone. And while it probably isn’t the greatest book in the world, it led to better things.

Stone’s second book, Life Knocks was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize. He now works with a creative agency in London.