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01st Aug 2015

The world’s smallest drone has zoomed straight to the top of our wish list (Video)


This little beauty is far too good for the kids.

The SKEYE Nano Drone is the smallest quadcopter in the world at just 1.5 inches square. It is remote-controlled and can be charged via USB.

The SKEYE has three settings and it is self-stabilising – meaning it won’t plummet to the ground if you take your hands of the controls.


As you can see from the video it is incredibly responsive and great fun to zoom around the home/office. Best of all it’s fantastic value for money.

Dutch company TRNDlabs retail the dad-gadget at just $49, which is a paltry £32. What’s more they ship free of charge to any destination in the world.

You can buy them here. Except give it a couple of hours – we want to order a few before they’re out of stock…

H/T The Verge