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04th Nov 2015

Expect a major change to Tinder over the next few days



Live from the Web Summit.

Major changes in how Tinder works is to be announced over the next few days, that is according to the CEO of the massive dating app, who then refused to specify the exact changes.

Sean Rad was speaking today at the Web Summit, and although he says that users can expect an alteration in how they use the app, he refused to elaborate for the time being.

Rad, who returned as the CEO of Tinder after initially being dismissed, was happy to crunch a few astounding numbers for the huge crowd in attendance.

The co-founder said that of the 300,000 Tinder users surveyed, 80% were looking for long-term relationships.

With over 1.5 million Tinder dates worldwide occurring every week, Rad claimed that over half become second dates.

Perhaps most staggering are the 9 billion matches that have been made since Tinder came into existence.

When asked if the company is making significant money, Rad menacingly responded by saying:

“Yes, we’re making money. No, I’m not telling you how much.”