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04th Dec 2021

Wigan boss calls for more CPR training following Charlie Wyke’s cardiac arrest

Daniel Brown

‘It is important that we make as many people aware as possible that the training is out there.’

Wigan Athletic manager Leam Richardson has called for more people to take CPR training after he helped to save striker Charlie Wyke’s life.

Richardson was quick to react when Wyke collapsed in training last week, with it later confirmed that the 28-year-old had suffered a cardiac arrest.

The Wigan boss delivered CPR, revealing that he had been given training just three weeks earlier at the club.

“Mark, the paramedic at our club, had put a session on for cardiac respiratory training and first aid,” Richardson told BBC Sport.

“It is never a good thing, but three weeks later it was getting put to use.”

The manager also insisted that it is ‘important’ that people are aware of the training that is available to them.

He added: “It is important that we make as many people aware as possible that the training is out there.

“If the person next to you, or two seats behind you has the knowledge to save someone’s life and this interview or Charlie’s situation can save another life in the future, it is worthwhile talking about it. It is something I will be mindful of and be trying to drive in the near future.”

The quick reactions from Richardson allowed club doctor Jonathan Tobin to take charge of the situation until an ambulance and paramedics arrived. 

Tobin used to work for Bolton and was on duty when Fabrice Muamba collapsed during the Trotters’ FA Cup quarter-final tie at Tottenham in 2012.

Speaking about the incident, Richardson described witnessing Wyke collapse as “a surreal, out-of-body experience”.

“Everything is like slow motion isn’t it?” he said.

“You put into practice what you have been told and just hope you are doing the right thing. You are hoping you have the tools and the mindset to deal with the situation.”

Although Wyke is currently at home with his family, it is unclear whether he will be able to return to action.

However, while Richardson understands that the former Sunderland man will be eyeing-up a comeback, he suggested that the most important thing is that he’s been able to return to his family.

“It is great being a footballer,” he stated. “I had the privilege myself. Only a small percentage are able to do that.

“But it is even better to go home to your children and your family and give them a cuddle. Thankfully Charlie has been able to do that.”

The frontman is set to visit Wigan’s training ground on Tuesday to see his team-mates and staff.

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