West Ham fan's laughable attempt to prove Edinson Cavani was offside goes viral 5 months ago

West Ham fan's laughable attempt to prove Edinson Cavani was offside goes viral

Nice try

A West Ham United fan has gone viral for a far-fetched attempt to prove that Manchester United's Edinson Cavani was offside in the build up to Marcus Rashford's late goal on Saturday.


Rashford tapped home from close range in the dying seconds of the game to secure the win for the home side at Old Trafford - however it wasn't awarded without controversy.

Many (West Ham) fans believed that Cavani was offside in the build-up but after VAR officials looked back at the replay, they confirmed that the Uruguay international was in fact onside.

Despite this proof, one West Ham fan still wasn't convinced by the decision and took it upon himself to prove everyone why the goal shouldn't have stood.


Posting a video on Twitter, the supporter, who goes by the online name of 'Hammersonline' used the lines of the box to prove his point.

He said: "The only way to get accurate lines is from the actual outline of the box so all you do is drag it along and you can clearly see how off Cavani is," before, rather comically, using Snapchat to draw the lines.


VAR may have had its flaws over the years, but you would probably still back it over football's new-found technology of Snapchat widgets.

This audacious theory wasn't going to go unnoticed, as fans from around the world debunked it, with one user saying: "Surely grown adults don’t think this is how angles work?"


Meanwhile, another user quipped: "This guy just changed the punditry game here, now every match is going to be analysed on Snapchat and the world will be a better place as a result."

The win for United meant that they overtook the visitors and moved up to fourth in the Premier League.

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