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24th Jan 2016

We’re calling total and utter bullsh*t on this Ruud Gullit/Louis van Gaal rumour

We're not buying it

Kevin McGillicuddy

There can be all sorts of rumours and untruths floating around online.

But lucky for you we’re calling total and utter horse manure on something that has the internet, and Twitter, ablaze tonight.

Louis van Gaal saw his Manchester United side lose to Southampton on Saturday afternoon, and it seems that the knives are out for the Dutchman once again.

It had been rumoured that he was close to leaving the job in December, but after a brief upturn in fortunes his job appeared to be safe…until Saturday’s loss once.

Van Gaal is under contract until 2017, and he’s so bloody stubborn we doubt he’s going to leave voluntarily.

Which made this tweet from a seeming BEin Sport Viewer all the more unusual tonight.

United fans quickly began to hope…

But others thought it all smelled a bit fishy…

Some even felt the need to check with Richard Keyes to see if it was true.

As of now no-one else has reported it, so we’re calling it nonsense.

Oh and Gullit appeared to watch the Arsenal/Chelsea game at the BBC ahead of his appearance on Match of the Day.


Sorry United fans, but this one just doesn’t add up.