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29th Apr 2017

WATCH: People are loving Maria Sharapova’s disgusted reaction to the Sun asking her a question

Wow. It looks like their reputation has gone international now

Nooruddean Choudry

To say that the Sun newspaper are notorious is putting in mildly, and very politely.

Although the tabloid still remains a popular read in the UK, it is reviled amongst many for being a hate-mongering, shamelessly disingenuous, life-ruining, sensationalist, xenophobic, cruel and a downright deceitful right-wing ‘rag’. And then there’s people who really hate it.

But we didn’t realise their reputation was quite so international. Following her victory over Ekaterina Makarova to progress to the quarter-finals of the Porsche Grand Prix, tennis star Maria Sharapova was taking media questions at a press conference in Stuttgart. And yes, a certain paper was represented.

All a Sun journalist had to do was mention the name of his employers to make Sharapova shudder and sigh at having to deal with the hated redtop. The subsequent exchange left no one in any doubt as to her feelings about them:

Journalist: Dan King from The Sun.

Sharapova: Oh God.

Journalist: Nice to see you, too.

Sharapova: I don’t think The Sun has ever been in Stuttgart, have they?

Journalist: No. It’s nice, it’s fantastic.

Sharapova: First time, wow. Virgins.

Many of Sharapova’s fans – and the Sun’s many committed haters – loved her attitude towards the News Corp title and made their feelings clear: