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30th May 2017

VOTE: It’s time to rank the most annoying transfer rumours of summer 2017

It's the most important vote you'll make all summer...

Simon Lloyd

Do you feel that draught?

That, friends, is the kind of draught that can only be brought about by the opening of every football fan’s favourite kind of metaphorical window… the *transfer* window.

With no major football tournaments to occupy our tiny minds this summer, transfer rumours are already coming at us thick and fast. Whereas some probably have a little bit of substance to them, the vast majority are almost certainly a load of bollocks.

With only Saturday night’s Champions League final standing between us and weeks of meaningless preseason friendlies, some transfer rumours are already starting to get right under our skin.

This point considered, we’re now giving JOE readers the opportunity to rank these rumours in order of how utterly infuriating they are. You’ll fins a collection of some of these rumours in the list below – a list that will be added to as summer rolls on – and all you have to do is hit the arrows beside them to try and send them up the table.

For absolutely no good reason at all, by September we’ll be able to determine the most annoying transfer rumour of summer 2017. Truly groundbreaking stuff.

Got all that? Good. It’s now time to cast (almost) the most important vote you’ll cast all summer…