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18th Sep 2015

Vietnamese player banned for SIX months for reckless lunge (Video)

Just desserts...

Nooruddean Choudry

Perhaps it’s time we got as tough as the Vietnamese when it comes to dangerous, career-threatening fouls.

In a week that saw both Luke Shaw and Barcelona’s Rafinha suffer serious injuries in the Champions League, a player in Vietnam has been banned for six months for a potential leg-breaker.

Que Ngoc Hai was playing for Song Lam Nghe last weekend, when he lunged recklessly at Da Nang player, Tran Anh Khoa.

As can be seen from the footage below, it was clearly premeditated, with Que Ngoc Hai making no effort to win the ball and instead going studs first for the attacker’s shin.

The Vietnamese authorities didn’t f**k about and dished out a retrospective six month ban – despite the fact that the referee gave a yellow card for the incident at the time.

Common sense in football – now that’s a novelty.