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17th Jan 2017

TV crime drama fans curse the FA Cup for ruining their evening

People were furious.

Tom Victor

Was this the moment football finally went too far?

Those who don’t care for the nation’s favourite sport will, on occasion, complain that there’s far too much football on television.

It’s a standard argument at pubs, or around the dinner table at family gatherings, or…well, anywhere, really.

Televised football must seem relentless to the sort of people who are inclined to change the channel as soon as a game comes on, but normally it doesn’t interfere too much. Normally it’s on Sky Sports or BT Sport, so it’s easy to avoid.

Not tonight, though, when FA Cup replay night meant an interruption to the scheduled programming on BBC One.

It was bad news for anyone expecting to tune in to Silent Witness over dinner, with the popular drama replaced by Lincoln v Ipswich – a game which won’t even have been everyone’s first choice out of the day’s replays.

Even those who found out about it a few hours ahead of time were furious.

But the viewers who found out at the last minute were consumed with rage.

Some even took it upon themselves to complain to the BBC.

Still, at least it was a massive game that everyone wanted to watch. Wait.

We’re looking forward to May, when the cup final is interrupted for an episode of a second-tier crime drama. No? Okay, maybe not.

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