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26th Jun 2016

The stat that shows Germany are absolutely definitely not going to win Euro 2016

No chance...

Simon Lloyd

Watched the football today? We know what some of you are thinking…

There was something ominous about seeing the Germans breeze past Slovakia (a Slovakia side England couldn’t score a single goal against, may we add).

They didn’t impress anyone too much in the group stages but, yet again, it seems they’re coming to life at just the right time.

Having dispatched of the Slovakians without even breaking sweat, a quarter final against the winners of Spain and Italy awaits. On today’s showing, you wouldn’t bet against them doing the job and winning that one, either, would you?

But fear not. History (or the last ten years, at least) shows that Germany don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of making the last four.

Why? Well, conveniently ignoring the fact that they won the World Cup two years ago, the Germans have failed to win all other major tournaments they’ve taken part in over the last decade – being dumped out by one of two teams on each occasion. Which teams are they? Well, it just so happens that it’s their next opponents,  Spain or Italy.

Clearly, this means that German dreams of unifying world and European titles are destined to go up in smoke in the next round.

The quarter final will take place in Bordeaux next Saturday, before Italy or Spain go marching on to their semi-final (against England) in Marseille the following Thursday.