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17th Nov 2015

The awesome stat that proves how determined England fans are to stand by France


You can say what you like about the English, but they’re a bloody resilient lot.

Both France manager Didier Deschamps and their captain Hugo Lloris have commended England on their unwavering and staunch solidarity with their nation at this incredibly difficult time.

With the international friendly between the two countries going ahead as planned on Tuesday night – just four days after the horrific attacks in Paris – one would understand if some fans were concerned for their safety.

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Prime Minister David Cameron has placed placed the UK on high alert for a terror attack following the shocking events in the French capital, and a prestige football match at Wembley could be seen as a target.

Indeed some 100 tickets have been returned to the FA, and in many ways that is very understandable. But get a load of this heartwarming statistic…

It seems England supporters are determined to show their solidarity to the French, whilst making it clear to terrorist groups that they will not be bowed.