Spanish FA stand firm against La Liga's attempt to move Catalan derby to Miami 3 years ago

Spanish FA stand firm against La Liga's attempt to move Catalan derby to Miami

LaLiga have proposed moving one match to Miami

LaLiga face increasingly large opposition to their proposal to move Girona's home match against local rivals Barcelona to Miami, with the Spanish FA (RFEF) now vowing to block it from happening.


RFEF have claimed that there is "0 per cent chance" of the game taking place in Miami, adding that they are united with the Spanish association, Uefa, Fifa and the Spanish Footballers' Association (AFE) in opposing the proposition.

The AFE held a meeting at which it was agreed that they would threaten the league with strike action if the game was to go ahead. AFE President David Aganzo said after the meeting: "The players are against it, not one of them is in favour of it. It was unanimous. Some clubs are in favour and others against. I am speaking on behalf of the players."


RFEF have now joined the fight against moving the match after their president, Luis Rubiales, announced live on Spanish radio that he would formally move to block it from happening, in the form of a letter backed by governing bodies around Europe to LaLiga chief Javier Tebas.

Tebas is not concerned, though. He still believes the match can be moved despite clear opposition to the idea from fans, the AFE and RFEF.

"That isn't an argument," he said of Rubiales' backing. "Uefa haven't announced their stance publicly, Fifa don't have legal authority and we are negotiating with the AFE," Tebas added.


The match at the centre of this dispute between Girona and Barcelona is set to take place on January 27th. Should it be moved to the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Girona fans have been assured that 1,500 season ticket holders will be compensated for missing a match they have already paid for with free flights to Miami and a hotel room for the night.

Fans who don't wish to make the trip the Florida will instead be offered one of 5,000 tickets to the reverse fixture at the Nou Camp in September as well as a 20% refund on their season ticket. And fans who wish to take neither offer will be refunded 40% of their season ticket cost.

Moving the match could be very lucrative for a small club like Girona, but whether it goes ahead is up in the air after Rubiales' statement.