La Liga captains could go on strike if the decision to play matches in USA is not reversed 1 year ago

La Liga captains could go on strike if the decision to play matches in USA is not reversed

The players are taking a firm stance

LaLiga have found themselves at odds with the Spanish Footballers' Association (AFE) after deciding to move one regular season match per year to the United States.

The decision appears to be the final straw among players and fans, both of whom have suffered from inconvenient kick-off times and expensive ticket prices for long enough.

The players were reported to be "outraged" at the decision to move a match to America and could go on strike if it is not reversed, although that remains a last resort.

Leading players from several LaLiga clubs, including Sergio Ramos, Koke and Sergio Busquets, were present at a meeting with the AFE this afternoon, after which AFE President, David Aganzo stated that he would meet with LaLiga chiefs and relay the players' concerns to them.

"Things can be done in a much more coherent way. Football is not only business and decisions cannot be made unilaterally. We are tired of this and have much to say," Aganzo said.

"They [the players] are surprised and outraged to see that such important decisions have been made. The players are against it, not one of them is in favour of it. It was unanimous. Some clubs are in favour and others against. I am speaking on behalf of the players," he added.

Aganzo highlighted the logistical problems that playing a game in the United States would pose, saying the main problem is a lack of common sense.

"The problem is a lack of common sense. There is no real time available in the schedule. It only benefits the exportation of our football. We pay Saudi Arabian players. Games are played on Mondays... We can't have everything. Who has thought about the fans, those who see football as a sport?"

Aganzo will meet with LaLiga chief Javier Tebas in September to discuss the problem. "One day I'll try to get him in a pair of shorts for him to see what football really is," he said.