Viral footage of Sky Sports' Sadio Mane 'mistaken identity' not as it seems 1 month ago

Viral footage of Sky Sports' Sadio Mane 'mistaken identity' not as it seems

A widely shared video *appeared* to show a humiliating Sky Sports moment...

If you dipped your head into Football Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, there's every chance you'll have seen footage of what, without knowing the full context, appears to be an embarrassing case of mistaken identity for Sky Sports, as they hoped to bring footage of Sadio Mane's arrival at his first ever Bayern Munich press conference.


With a deal to take Mane to Bavaria from Liverpool agreed, Sky had positioned themselves outside the Allianz Arena, hoping to snatch a quick word with the Senegalese forward.

Then, as a car with tinted windows approached the entrance, their reporter - live on Sky Sports News at the time - excitedly announced that Mane was in fact in the vehicle.

In the confusion that followed, Sky's camera momentarily trained itself on another man as he climbed out of the car, who most definitely wasn't Mane.


One video, which ends at that point, has been shared high and wide in the hours since. This, though, was a little misleading and not a fair reflection of what actually happened...

Another video posted by Football Daily shows what anyone watching live at the time would have known - Sky were right. Mane was in the car.


Immediately after the viral footage cuts out, Mane can be seen climbing out of the other side of the vehicle before making his way inside.

See? Not quite as cringeworthy as it first appeared.


Mane has signed a three-year deal with Bayern, who paid £35m to Liverpool to get the deal done.

Speaking at his press conference later, Mane admitted Jurgen Klopp had wanted him to stay at Anfield but respected his desire to seek a new challenge.

He said: "Klopp was a little bit sad but wished me all the best. I'll always be grateful to him.

"I spent six wonderful years in Liverpool with very nice people and great fans. They were not happy that I left but that's a part of life, I needed a new challenge.

"Klopp is a very good guy, he wanted me to stay but understood my situation.


"We achieved everything at Liverpool. I've seen how good Bayern are on TV before. I've watched them in the Champions League. No doubt they're one of the best clubs in the world. I believe 100 per cent that we can achieve big things."

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